AAG Statement on President Trump’s Executive Order

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31st January, 2017

The December IYGU Newsletter is now available 

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14th December, 2016

Tell Your Story competition extended to Chinese New Year, Feb 7!

Click here to read a blog post by ESRI Chief Scientist Dawn Wright announcing the competition and extended deadline, or read our updated post by scrolling down in this section, or go straight to the competition website.

14th December, 2016

Working, Housing: Urbanising and Communicating, Networking: Interacting are now online!

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Two of the IYGU Open Access Springer books, Working, Housing: Urbanizing  (eds) Allen Scott, Peter Taylor and Jennifer Robinson and Communicating, Networking: Interacting (ed) Margaret Robertson can now be downloaded as open access books or purchased as a soft cover printed version.

23rd November, 2016

News from our German RAC

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22th November, 2016

The November IYGU Newsletter is now available 

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16th November, 2016

The October IYGU Newsletter is now available 

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7th October, 2016

The September IYGU Newsletter is now available 

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13th September, 2016


Tell Your Story with the IYGU, EUROGEO, and ESRI

Under the auspices of the IGU’s International Year of Global Understanding, the European Association of Geographers (EUROGEO) and the the IGU Commission for Geography Education (IGU-CGE) will organise a Story Map competition Tell Your Story with the support of ESRI Inc. The competition will be officially launched at the EUROGEO Conference in Malaga, at end of September 2016 and the deadline for submission of entries will be on February 7, 2017.
There will be two age group categories, one for high school students aged 15-19 to share their perspectives on local meeting global and the other for university students who will be invited to share their research. The Story Maps should relate to the “Key Messages” of the International Year and be developed under one (or more) of the six themes of the Year.
You can find the Story Maps competition website HERE
 5th September 2016, updated on 13th December 2016

Call for Applications – Art and Society


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The InternationalYear of Global Understanding (IYGU), le Conseil International de la Philosophie et des Sciences Humaines (CIPSH), Most-Unesco & Mémoire de l’Avenir (MDA)
Call for applications

GOAL: Unite artists and projects around the world in order to demonstrate the involvement and the contribution of the arts in society.

Art and culture are active agents in social, economic and political actions. They speak to the solidarity between peoples, of their situations and ways of life… They have the ability to change mentalities and encourage actions in every domain of society.

The responsibility of an artist lays not only in his aesthetical research or with his/her intellectual impact, but also with his/her ability to influence, challenge, propose, critique, and raise awareness.

The Arts are a way to question and to discover, while searching for new ways to express, to resist, to act… Expressing a unique and subjective point of view is an ethical and esthetical imperative.

Hence, Arts are ways to recognize the endless pluralities of ideas, histories and identities. Arts & Cultures can contribute to an intuitive, sensitive and knowledgeablemeetings between differences, leading to the recognitions of similitudes and universalism.

Margalit Berriet
President and founder of Mémoire de l’Avenir / Memory of the Future

YOU, leader of projects, individual or collective artists, of all forms of expressions: fine arts, photography, film, music, performances, creative writing, poetry, numerical arts, architecture, culinary, crafts, …

If through your work you question societal challenges such as in ecology / nature / Ubrain space / migration / individual and collective memories / the fight against all forms of inequalities and discriminations / living together / science / employement / education / economy / politics …

> SEND US YOUR VIDEO with a presentation KIT

A short video (1min30 max), in which you will witness, in your native language, subtitled in English, the role of artists and of the Arts in Society.
Your video should respond to the following 3 subjects:

– Your motivations
– Your objectives
– The impact of your work in society

At least 1 video by country or by dialect that will be presented in the space, in an installation at The World Conference of the Humanities (WHC) in 2017 in Liège [1]

195-206 states or languages will be represented
1min30 = 292.5 minutes = approx. 5h journey around a world of artists and their engagements

A larger selection of projects, together with the above first collection [for the WHC [1], will be edited on line, constituting an active unique and evolutive digital platform aiming for an exchange of resources, while witnessing the richness of Cultures, Ideas, Engagements, Expressions and Actions. [2]

The Presentation file that will be joined to your video will allow the public / artists / institutions … to know you, to understand your approach and interact with you directly (see conditions below)

DEADLINE: February 15th 2017



– should be sent to : via HIGHTAIL/or/WETRANSFER – VIDEO should not exceed 1 minute 30 seconds
– can/should be creative
– must be recorded in your native language

– must include IMPERATIVELY English subtitles (in the video and in text attached) – should be recorded if possible in full HD format MP4, sound-3dBU
– must be FREE OF RIGHTS

– Your art work should be visible or heard in the video
– No pejorative connotations, propagandas or discriminatory statements will be accepted


– Your name – country – artistic medium – website .
– a description of your project (methode – tools … ) in English – your objectives and / or obtained impact
– visuals (10 maximum in HD)

– The digital platform will be accessible for free

The purpose of this platform is to allow artists and projects to interact and share ideas

Art and Society project will be coordinated and perpetuated by the IYGU- Regional Action Center and by the Global Action Center for the Arts – Memory of the Future (GAC-MDA)

“Art is what makes life more interesting than art “Robert Filliou

© Margalit BERRIET / Mémoire de l’Avenir / – Siège social : 45/47, rue Ramponeau 20e – N° SIRET 479 287 070 0045 APE 9001Z